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Betty Sullivan

SULLIVAN, Betty, American biochemist and food chemist, b-1902. Her PhD thesis was on the lipids of wheat embryo. Betty became a leading expert on baking technology, especially concerning wheat protein. She created new applications for grain and seed materials. Other research interests concerned the moisture content of products, their chemical composition, gluten quality, oxidation and reduction of flour. In her opinion, the most exciting discovery was that of isolating glutathione from wheat germ. From 1947 she was Vice-President and Director of Research with Russell Miller Milling Company. Then from 1958-67, she had a similar role with Peavey Milling. However, from 1967-1991, Betty became fully involved with a consultancy organisation that she had earlier helped to create. Rapid progression through the corporate ranks led to her being the Chair of the company, after which Experience Inc., disappeared in a merger. She has many publications in her name,  and several jointly-held patents on flour improvement technology. Betty has been on the editorial boards of all the relevant industrial journals. President of the American Association of Cereal Chemists in 1943.

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