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October 2014

Invention Show Reminders


Move Over Swatch –


Here comes the integrated wearable Apple Watch. Spend as little as a few hundred dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a designer watch made of gold and even studded with diamonds. There are scores of models to choose from to make a personalized fashion statement.  The new improved interactive voice interface is indistinguishable from that of CEO Tim Cook’s natural voice.   For health nuts it’s like a shot in the arm.  Even the iPhone 6 cameras are also living up to the hype.

What to Invent?


The future of 'engines of invention' lies in service innovations. Is it still true that what is good for GM is good for America or conversely what is good for America is good for GM.  CONgress (as contrasted from PROgress) has become impotent with political grid-locks. It is focused on getting our votes.  The next big invention will not come from creature comfort gadgets but from some service, manufacturing or virtual economy.  As GM motor vehicle owners, we spend our time, money and other resources to avoid recalls to prevent avoidable deaths.

Millionaire Inventors –


A new famous cable TV show in Los Angeles area is looking for a few good inventors, with potential to become millionaires. For casting protocol please contact Michael Churven -

or Phone: 001-424-732-6472. For Reference mention my name ASIJA or CIA (Christian Inventors Association)

Somatic Mutations -


HHMI scientists have invented a strategy for finding disease causing mutations that lurk only in a small fraction of the body’s cells for which conventional methods have proven impotent so far, because somatic mutations are not inherited but arise sometime after fertilization, probably involving epi-genetics and even epi-epi-genetics. For this and much more please explore  You can also order FREE DVDs of past holiday lectures, in addition to free down-streaming.


Not to be outdone, Karolinska Institutet has developed a full nervous system from a single cell. To disseminate this information they, on Sept 4, 2014, sponsored a conference entitled, “The Developing Brain.”




Depending upon your worldview, patent trolls may be the best or worst development for inventors.  The Independent Institute has published a primer monograph entitled, “PATENT TROLLS” Predatory Litigation and the Smothering of innovation.”  Authored by William J. Watkins Jr. You have to make up your own mind, as to whose bias is better bias to be biased by including your own bias? www.Independent.Org Phone; 1-510-632-1366 or Fax: 001-510-568-6040 or simply write to The Independent Institute 100 Swan Way, Oakland, CA 94621-1428. Some wonder why the U.S. federal district court of Eastern District of Texas, attracts majority of these TROLL cases. 

Criminal Creativity -


YES, criminals can be creative at par with anyone else. A recent example is inconspicuous gasoline (Petrol-Benzene) theft.  The would-be thief parks his auto above access points at a gas station, lowers a suction pump. If it were not for the accidental fire explosion, you would not be reading this.

Suitable Advice for Inventors

from a former U.S. Navy Seal Commander (of bin Laden mission success fame):


  • Start off by making your bed.

  • Find someone to help you paddle.

  • Measure people by the size of their heart, not the size of their flippers.

  • Get over being 'sugar cookie' and keep moving forward.

  • Don’t be afraid of the circuses.

  • Sometimes you have to slide down the obstacle, head first.

  • Don’t back down from the sharks.

  • Be your very best in the darkest moment.

  • Start singing when you are up to your neck in mud.

  • Don’t ever 'ring the bell' or in the words of Prime Minster Churchill, “Never Give Up."

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Morphing Inventor into Entrepreneur...


The Entrepreneur’s Tool Kit is the latest new course from the Great Courses Company - designed and authored by highly acclaimed professor of Entrepreneurship Michael G. Goldsby at Ball State University.  The course consists of 24 lectures of half hour each. 12 discs of audio CD or DVD. Normally the course sells for DVD $270/- and audio $200/- but is currently on sale at 70% discount. The course book is included free but full transcript costs additional $25/-   To take advantage of complete course DVD at $69.95 or audio $59.95, you must order on or before October 24, 2014, so you don’t have to wait several months for the next sale.


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And finally...


For Busy Inventors - 3D Printer Babies !

Bright Road Productions - Parent Company

Apple CEO - Tim Cook

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