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The British Female Inventors and Innovators Awards 2015

Are you exceptionally creative, inventive or innovative woman? Or do you know a woman that is? Britain’s top creative women will be celebrated at the upcoming 13th British Female Inventors and Innovators Awards Ceremony in London on 14th October 2015.


BFIIN is presented on behalf of the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN). The Awards are an open competition bringing together and putting the spotlight on incredible top inventive and innovative women from across Britain.  The emphasis is on exceptionally creative items, inventions and innovations by women with proven commercially viable and economic growth potentials.


Now in its 13th year, the BFIIN is back with the hunt for Britain’s top inventors and innovators for the year 2015 and nominations for the awards are now open to women across Britain.


BFIIN aims to encourage women to apply their innovative and inventive capabilities and celebrate their contributions. BFIIN urges as many women as possible to enter and gain recognition for the excellent work they do.



David Wardell

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London - 14th October 2015

The innovations may be designed, for example, to improve the way retailers respond to customer preferences; doctors perform diagnostic tests; fashion designers create printed textiles or human resource managers evaluate demands for skills. The innovation may involve changes to the processes, or to a service, or to a product: from easier mobile working to a more effective way of measuring the internal temperature of the domestic fridge.


European  Women Inventors & Innovators Network (EU-WIIN) shares BFIIN’s vision and aim of bringing together innovation and enterprise, investors and inventors, designers and manufacturers alongside associated services.


All BFIIN Finalists will also have the opportunity to be considered for the EU-WIIN Awards where an independent  panel of expert judges will put originality and ingenuity, as well as design, to the test.


Nominations are welcome from individuals and organizations and the deadline for submissions is 1st July 2015.


Forms can be downloaded from:


Enquiries to:


And There's More...


Together with the annual Female Inventor's Award, this year London also plays host to the bi-annual European Women Inventors & Innovators Network (EUWIIN) Exhibition, Conference and Awards Ceremony.


This year marks the fifth event with previous conferences taking place in Berlin, Germany in 2007, Helsinki, Finland in 2009, Reykjavik, Iceland in 2011 and Stockholm, Sweden in 2013.

British Female Innovator of the Year:


Amanda Jenner for My Carry Potty

British Female Inventor of the Year:


Melissa Edmunds for Safe Sip

GWIIN CEO and Event Organiser Dr. Bola Olabisi

The aim of the event is "to explore effective ways of providing relevant support, assistance, tools, advice & information to assist women in achieving significant economic and social growth with their inventions, innovations and enterprises."


For more information and to see past award winners go to:


I look forward to reporting on the events and announcing the winners later in the year.

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