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Charlotte Smith

SMITH, Charlotte, née Fell, American women’s rights campaigner, died in 1937. In 1891 she pressured the Inventors and Manufacturers Association (USA) into admitting women as members. She was not an inventor herself, but got the American women inventors off the ground in several major areas. Over a 10-year period Charlotte forced the US Patent Office to put together and publish a list of patents granted to women. In two publications covering the period 1790-1892, some 4,000 women were listed as having granted patents. These lists covered the full range of product areas. Charlotte also edited some issues of ‘The Woman Inventor’, at significant times for the female cause. In 1891she  founded and then presided over the Women Inventors’ Mutual Aid and Protective Association, but it was many years before a women inventors association had any real significance. A non-inventor who did a lot for women inventors in many areas over a decade.

Inventors Champion

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