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Cleaning Up!

Introducing Dyson's DC06


David Wardell

James Dyson has become something of a hero in the invention community.  Not many inventors have become household names or achieved phenomenal success with their inventions.  The Dyson Dual Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner has revolutionised the way we clean our homes and gone on to become the brand leader in the floor-care market.


Of course, achieving this lofty position took many years of struggle – most people do not realise that his bagless vacuum principle was originally conceived back in 1978.


Now that Dyson is established as one of Britain’s leading manufacturers, new designs and inventions are still rolling off the production line.  Not content with just providing a superior cleaner, the latest in the range – the DC06 – is the first robotic vacuum cleaner to pick up dust as effectively as the mains powered Dyson and is intelligent enough to cover a room thoroughly.  It bristles with cutting-edge technology…


Over 50 Sensory Devices


The DC06 sensors are used collectively.  They enable it to build up a picture of its environment and to constantly detect its position in a room.


3 On-board Computers


The on-board computers perform many tasks.  Most importantly, they process data received from its sensory devices.  They use this information to make decisions about where the DC06 should go next.  Collectively they can complete 200 task operations every second.


Printed Circuit Boards


There are 27 separate PCB’s within DC06.  They mount and connect all the components within the vacuum cleaner.


Computer Memory


22,000 lines of computer program are stored in memory.  The programs enable methodical coverage.  It does this by storing information on exactly where the DC06 has been.


Electronic components


DC06 is built from over 2,000 latest technology electronic components.  Every component was carefully selected to ensure high performance and compactness.


 SR Motor


DC06 is the first domestic vacuum cleaner with an SR motor.  It has no carbon brushes and should last at least four times as long as a conventional motor.


Charging Time


It takes around one hour to fully charge DC06 batteries – this allows for a 30minute running time.




In use, the machine is simplicity itself.  All you have to do is press ‘on’, choose a speed, press ‘go’ and your room will be vacuumed.  Its built-in intelligence stops it falling down stairs and will make it pause if a dog or a child gets too close.


DC06 can even tell you how it’s feeling.  Its mood light is blue for happy, green when it’s moving around an obstacle and red when it feels in danger.


With all those clever people working at Dyson Research and Development, I only have one request – when can we have the automatic ironing machine?  Please!


Editors note: This article first appeared in Inventors & Investors Magazine, 2000, and is unchanged from the original text.

DC06 -

on the move!

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