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Damini Kumar

KUMAR, Damini, British design engineer, b-1977. Inventor of the non-drip spout for teapots and other pouring vessels, winner of the Young Inventor of the Year Competition (BFIY) in 2001. Damini calls her product the D-pot, inside the spout is a groove on the lower pouring surface. This effectively narrows the size of the spout so there is no dripping on the outside of the pot. For many tea-drinkers this removes a common irritation, but the mechanism is applicable to all pouring technology such as for chemicals and for petrol cans. Therefore it is a safety factor in some applications, no spillage means less hazard. A mechanical engineer, she went on to get a masters degree in design engineering from Imperial College, The nature of her invention generates tremendous interest from the public. A role model for Women into Science and Engineering, Damini has been extensively featured since first exhibiting at the Tomorrows World Exhibition in 1999. As a role model, she is now featured in a British Council website. While negotiating worldwide licences for manufacturing the D-pot technology, she has several other inventions well underway. Damini may become one of our next prolific inventors, in view of her special background.

Non-Drip Teapot

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