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Edith Claypole

CLAYPOLE, Edith, English/American physiologist and pathologist, 1870-1915. After being in a regular practice as a physiologist up to 1894, she entered research and got an MD in Pathology from UCLA (1896). Edith spent many years at Wellesley and UCLA, and became well known for her work on lung pathology and typhoid immunisation. An important paper in 1914 was ‘Human Streptotrichosis and Differentiation from Tuberculosis’. However, she died of typhoid fever which was related to her period in charge of preparation of vaccines against typhoid in WW1.  Diagnosis of the infection came too late. At the time of her death she had been devising skin tests to differentiate between tuberculosis and similar but less pathogenic infections. Following some progress, Edith was then looking for potential treatments for TB. She died aged only 45.


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