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Evelyn Berezin

BEREZIN, Evelyn, American computer engineer, b-1925. After graduating in Business Studies, she gained a PhD in cosmic ray physics (1946). However the only jobs available were in computing, so she then worked in electronic data processing. In 1951, at Electronic Computer Corp., Evelyn was told to “build a computer”. The result was the Elecom 200 machine. Then in 1953, while working for Underwood Corp., she designed the first office computer. However, Olivetti then bought the company and her design was never marketed. From the late 1950s, she was head of logic design for various companies. Evelyn designed an on-line system for Teleregister Corp. Later she developed a reservations system for United Airlines that was on-line nationwide. It was the prototype for modern systems and the first interactive system (outside of military use). At Digitronics Corp., Evelyn designed the first high-speed communications terminal for commercial purposes. She was also involved in  the Data-Secretary, an editing typewriter.

Computer Engineer

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