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Heather Davies

DAVIES, Heather, English. Designer of the REUZIP polythene pallet with zips in the front panel for reusability. Instead of slashing a plastic pallet cover with a knife, you unzip this one and reuse it. Remarkably simple and needed to reduce transportation costs and the expense of waste removal. Heather is also the inventor of the Warhorse, an equestrian eventing container that may be used as a stable manger, storage container and waterproof jump container. The REUZIP product is already commercially successful and has won awards for Heather in the past 3 years. In 2000 Heather was chosen by the Foreign Office to represent Great Britain in a trade promotion programme televised worldwide. REUZIP is now under licence to BPI Polycon Ltd. Supermarkets are very interested in use of the product for their regional distribution purposes. Sainsburys were very supportive to her in providing facilities for Heather to demonstrate this product to the trade.

Packaging Inventor

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