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Ida Dawson

Inventor - Ventrex Roofing Sheets

DAWSON, Ida Violet, British farmer. The inventor of using aluminium or steel roof sheeting for farm buildings and factories. The commercial products, available from 1960, were called Ventrex. Ida’s material had excellent weatherproofing properties, keeping the premises at suitable temperatures. In buildings where equipment puts out a lot of heat this sheeting allows dissipation of the heat, but conversely in cold weather the sheeting eliminates condensation. After a lot of difficulty convincing industry (many years delay), it is now in use worldwide. The material is very durable, needs no upkeep, is fully weatherproof, and usable as an outside wall, roof, wall cladding, or as an inside roof. Another of her developments was a unique milking unit. A very hygienic method in which milk is untouched by the operator and the equipment then automatically cleans itself after use. Water is not required in the cooling process, but the milk temperature never exceeds 40F. Ida’s device saves time for dairy workers, and the inbuilt hygiene means it can be used in any old barn.

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