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Jeanette Grasselli

GRASSELLI, Jeanette, née Brown, American chemist, b-1929. She came up through the ranks at Standard Oil (SOHIO) and after 38 years was appointed as the Director of Corporate Research, Environmental and Analytical Sciences. Jeanette specialised in the application of computerised molecular spectroscopy. A pioneer of the use of infrared Raman spectroscopy to fingerprint virtually any substance (hair/blood/oil/air/sweat/fibres). Forensic laboratories now routinely use many of these methods developed by her. Awarded the Garvan Medal in 1986. Now an advisor on analytical sciences to many government agencies, such as the FBI. Jeannette’s natural problem-solving ability was applicable to almost any situation. The recipient of many honorary degrees.

Chemist - Inventor - Forensic Science

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