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Jeannie Low

LOW, Jeannie, American. A young inventor, whilst still in kindergarten she invented a Kiddie Stool for the bathroom. At age 5 she won the school’s invention competition. It folds flush against the vanity held by magnets when not in use. Any child can pull it out and reach the bowl or cupboards. At age seven Jeannie won at he Houston Invention Fair. Before the age of 10 she was a member of inventor societies and had a patent agent. Her folding step for cabinet doors was granted in 1992. The invention was exhibited at INPEX in 1994 with a view to licensing. Other areas of her activity are a bathtub alarm for when it overflows, easy-grip doorknobs for the arthritic and a doormat with an automatic brushing mechanism. Everyone expects big things from her in the future!

Young Inventor

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