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Mary Quant

QUANT, Mary, English fashion designer, born in 1934. At the age of 21 (1955), she opened a small shop in Chelsea (The Boutique Bazaar), it was mainly known for clothes with original colour schemes. She also designed hats for a Danish milliner. However, in 1965 she introduced the Miniskirt, not for high fashion but ready to wear for all young women. Miniskirts became a craze worldwide. Her bazaar in London sold clothing representative of the swinging 60s, but the miniskirt eclipsed everything. Another of her innovations was Hot-Pants. Later she concentrated on cosmetics development, but also designed linen, wallpaper and paint. After some success with franchising her operations, it all became part of the Max Factor product range. Several household materials and textiles are named after her. In 1966 she received an OBE, in recognition of her role in promoting London as a worldwide fashion centre. Then in 1990 Mary belatedly received an award from the British Fashion Council.

Fashion Designer Inventor

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