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Patricia Billings

BILLINGS, Patricia, American art technologist, b-1926. A qualified artist whose interest was initially in sculpting using plaster of Paris. She knew that some Renaissance sculptors had used a cement-like material to ensure durability. So following an accident with a sculpture at a final stage, Patricia recreated such a cement additive (but it took 8 years). The product was a chemical catalyst that in the presence of a gypsum and concrete mixture would form an adhesive that was virtually indestructible. An advisor suggested the material had unexpected heat-resistance properties. So Patricia did further research work until the resulting product was non-toxic, heat resistant and durable. She called it Geobond, the first real alternative to asbestos. Although she has 2 patents relating to the material, the formula is still unknown. She produced a second product later called Craftcote, for simply repairing sculptures (the original purpose). It was during the 1970s, at about the age of 50, when she diversified into art technology.

Geobond Inventor

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