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British Inventions - Lest We Forget - Barrie Blake-Coleman

All of the following had their origins (but not necessarily commercial successes) through British inventors, researchers or engineers:

Steam Power and Locomotion, Vaccination, Chronograph, Self igniting tapers (Matches), Computer (Babbage and Colossus) Watch Balance Wheel Mechanism, Self Winding Watch, Reflecting Telescope, Universal Joint, Precision Machine Tools ( Bramah, Whitworth, Maudsley etc) Overland Telegraphy, Fine Paper Making, Submarine Telegraphy, Hydraulic Ram, Pneumatic Tyre, Radio Telegraphy, Electric Motor, AC Transformer, Self-winding Watch, Fountain Pen, Photography, Microfilming, Lawn Mower, Steel Conversion, High Speed Wire Drawing, Marine Turbine, Synthetic Dyes, Fully Submersible Submarine, Incandescent Lighting (Swan) Photo-Cell, Viscous Rayon, High Speed Printing Press, Bowden Cable, Radio Telegraphy, The Battle Tank, Cobalt Tool Steels (Stellite) , Disc Brakes, The Thermionic Diode, Television , Stereo Recording, Terylene, Crease Resistant Fibres, Automatic Pilot, Ejector Seat, Turbo-Jet Engine, Tea Bag, Cats-Eyes, Gyrocompass, Penicillin, Radar and the Cavity Magnetron, Polyethylene, Microwave Oven, Float Glass, Scanning Electron Microscope, WorkMate, Light Emitting Diode, Liquid Crystal Displays, Ball Wheelbarrow, Hovercraft, Winchester Data Disc Drive, Molton Bicycle, Computerised Axial Tomography (Brain Scanner), Optical Fibres, Holography, Foetal Down's Test, Nuclear Magnetic Imaging, High Reflectance (Depixelating) Screens, Single Line Dialysis, Clock-work Radio etc etc.

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