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Author Drops In... - David Wardell

Harry Cole

It's always good to see old friends and I was pleased when Harry Cole dropped-in to my house. He was visiting on one of his infrequent trips to the mainland from his home in Jersey. A well-known entrepreneur and author, Harry is best known for his book 'Ideas and Inventions can make fortunes - how to make yours'.

Well, he's been at it again, and he wanted to tell me about his new ebook 'From Idea to Millionaire!' in which he expands and updates his secrets to success. Published in two parts, and written in his own inimitable style, Harry shares his wealth of knowledge garnered from the sharp-end of business. There's even a chapter from yours truly about exhibiting at invention shows.

Harry has lost none of his pugnacious panache - he's now calling on the Government to criminalise patent infringement. It's pleasantly invigorating to be in his company and to - as he would put it - 'learn from the master'!


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