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Flying in the face of reason?... David Wardell

Airbus Patent - folding seat #1.png

Sometimes I see an invention that just makes me go: No -oooooo! Like millions of others I have endured countless hours, on both short-haul and long flights, cursing the discomfort of being stuck with restricted seating (contrary to popular belief I can’t afford first class). This recently published Airbus patent fills me with horror.

I don’t blame the inventor, Bernard Guering, for his ‘proposed seating device with reduced bulk’. After all, inventors only solve problems. I’m sure his bosses gave him the brief: ‘How can we cram more passengers into our already over-stuffed airplanes?’

Even more alarming is that there seems to be no provision for seat belts. Heaven knows how you’re supposed to adopt the crash position!

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