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It's Pants! says advertising watchdog - David Wardell

Over the years, at various invention shows around the world, I've been asked to judge many inventions that seek to address the dubious claims regarding the danger of electro-magnetic radiation from mobile devices. I've always been in a quandary: a) is there a problem in the first place and b) does the invention actually work?

Richard Branson.png

Now, poor old Sir Richard Branson has got enmeshed in the controversy by adding his backing to what he called "Underpants for super-heroes!" Last year Sir Richard backed an invention as one of his Top Ten Back of an Envelope ideas at London's Business Show.

The Advertising Standards Authority has found insufficient evidence to back the claims of underwear manufacturer Wireless Armour that its product "when utilised by consumers, was able to prevent electromagnetic radiation from reaching the genitals." The ASA have banned the company from making such claims in its advertisements. The devices I've seen in the past have all concentrated on protecting the head from mobile phone radiation - if any such protection is needed. Wireless Armour have gone off on a different tack by worrying about male fertility and the dangers of carrying phones in pockets and lap-top usage.

Wireless Armour Logo.png

Their product incorporates "a mesh of pure silver woven into the fabric... This encases the user in a cage of metal." I think that they're trying to imply that this is a faraday cage - which would offer protection. But it isn't - there's at least three big holes in it and there's no earth! It isn't a faraday cage, it doesn't offer any protection, it's PANTS!

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