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James Dyson Award - Finalists Announced...

With only a few weeks to go before the winners are announced, the James Dyson Foundation have released a list of the twenty finalists who will go forward to be judged by Sir James himself.

The finalists are an eclectic mix of talented design students from around the world who have produced some really interesting and useful work. Their entries positively "fizz" with ingenuity and inventiveness. Finalists include: MOM, a portable incubator system for refugee camps; Bruise - a smart injury detection suit for disabled athletes; MIITO - a device to heat liquids that challenges the supremecy of the domestic kettle; Packtasche - cardboard bicycle panniers; Bump Mark - a tactile labelling system that indictes food freshness; etc. For a full list of the finalists (with plenty of pictures) and further information about the awards go to our feature: James Dyson Award 2014

The winners are to be announced on the 6th November - we'll keep you posted!

Open and closed states.png
Pachtasche 1.png
Bump Mark 1.png

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