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Inflatable Incubator wins the James Dyson Award

James Roberts, a design and technology graduate, has scooped the coveted 2014 James Dyson Award for his incubator 'MOM'. The winning design provides a collapsible incubator unit for use in troubled areas of our world. Incubators with similar capabilities cost some £30,000 - James's unit can be manufactured and shipped for £250!

James Dyson (who was the ultimate judge) said: "James' invention shows the impact design engineering can have on people's lives. The western world takes incubators for granted -- we don't think about how their inefficient design makes them unusable in developing countries and disaster zones. By bravely challenging convention, James has created something that could save thousands of lives."

For the runners-up see below, and for an in-depth look at the top twenty finalists, including the winners, go to: James Dyson Award 2014 - The Finalists...

James Roberts with MOM.png
QOLO with Text.png
Suncayr with Text.png
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