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Innovation is the New Status Quo

My hat’s off to the European Patent Office for managing to do ‘cool’! Who would have thought that a fusty old Patent Office had it in them? - "Where do we stand today when "change is the new status quo”? One of today's most appreciated and Emmy-nominated futurists, Jason Silva, shares his view on innovation and change" says the EPO blurb about this film.

This piece particularly resonated with me as twenty years ago I wrote my first editorial for Inventor’s World Magazine. In it I wrote: “Not only is the rate of discovery and understanding accelerating but our access to this information is improving all the time. With modern computers (another marvel to wonder at) it is possible to obtain information that previously be beyond the reach of most individuals (at this time the Internet and World Wide Web were new toys!). More importantly, it is possible to cross-reference data in strange new ways. We are developing tools which help us to think laterally – the stamp of the genius inventor. Because of this I believe that we are entering a new golden age of invention.”

Perhaps I should have been a futurologist too!

If you enjoyed this video there’s lots more good stuff at EPOfilms

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