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How we got to now (and re-visit what we missed!)

If you, like me, are fascinated by the stories of inventors and their wonderful inventions then you're in for a treat on BBC2 (and BBC iPlayer) at present.

'How We Got to Now' is airing on BBC2, Saturday evenings, 7.35pm. Conceived and presented by innovation expert and best-selling author, Steven Johnson, this series of six programmes explores and explains how inventions have shaped and changed our world - sometimes in the most unexpected of ways. Johnson is an amiable and engaging presenter who is obviously absorbed and fascinated by his subject matter.

The programmes have six themes - 'Clean' - 'Time' - 'Glass' - 'Light' - 'Cold' - 'Sound'.

I really enjoyed episode one and I'm looking forward to the next five.

For more information and to catch up on iPlayer:

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