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The Women Inventors

The 500 Greatest Women Inventors, Scientists, Pioneers - Their Discoveries, Innovations, Achievements, and Exploits


Derek Myhill

Peter Knight

by Peter Knight & Derek Myhill

Alphabetical Index

Editors note:


The following index is in two parts - Inventor Name and Subject.  Simply click on the name to access the entry.


This index comprises Derek Myhill's and Peter Knight's complete work and was checked against their source material.  However, Derek and Peter were sticklers for detail so if you spot any errors or omissions please let me know and I will be pleased to update.  Of particular interest are dates of birth (and death), changes of name and images of the inventors (where missing).


I consider this resource to be very much a work in progress and look forward to both maintaining the current entries and adding new ones.  Text in blue denotes new entries.


I hope you find this dictionary to be both useful and enjoyable.

David Wardell, March 2015.
























Inventors Listed by Subject



Martha Coston

Sarah Mather

Further Reading:

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