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Hi there,

My name is David Wardell and I'm the founder and editor of


For many years I've had the great good fortune to travel the world and talk to thousands of inventors. I've learnt a lot!  Together with my colleagues, I'd like to share with you the wealth of advice and opportunities available to you.  This invention site will help you maximise your chances of being successful with your inventions.

The following is a list of sections.
Just click on the button and start exploring the wonderful world of invention...

I must admit to being new at this website malarky.  I've grown up with it but, twenty years ago when I first started publishing, we used to 'cut and paste' - and I literally mean cut and paste bits of paper.  Email was in its infancy - we used to do mailshots; remember those?  The technology now is fabulous but I've found building this website to be a little bit daunting.  With this in mind I would very much appreciate your feedback.  Please let me know how the site can be improved to suit your needs.  I've got loads of ideas for the future but your input will help better shape development.


  • Inventor help is your online guide and mentor.  We aim to help and advise on all aspects of the invention process. From idea to commercialisation.

  • The inventricity Blog is where we'll keep you up to date with news and views.  We'll also be featuring inventors and their inventions.

  • Feature articles on all things inventive - offering advice, history and entertainment.

  • Join our discussion group.  Pose a question or give an opinion.  We, or the forum, can offer responses.

  • Find support groups, professionals and service providers to help with the development of your inventions.

  • The award winning Inventors World magazine was to be found on the newsstands around the world.  As a business model it didn't work but it did contain many pearls of wisdom.  Find the archive here.

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned professional, I hope that Inventricity will prove to be an asset to you.


Good luck with all your inventive aspirations and endeavours!

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