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Barrie Blake-Coleman



Barrie Blake-Coleman  BSc MPhil PhD C.Eng Dip.BA  F.Inst MC F.Inst PI


I trained first in applied physics (BSc) followed later by post-graduate studies in economic & industrial history (MPhil) business studies (DipBA)  and later a PhD in metrology.  In 1971, still a student, I took out my first patent. This was the Knight anti-intruder system and was a staple product for the Tapley company (Southampton) for more than 7 years.     


Following a successful opening career in strategic Research/Technology and administration (B.A.T. Group Research, Southampton, and later Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken, Eindhoven) I was instrumental in co-founding and leading the U.K’s first dedicated Biosensor and Bio-Physical Measurements Research Group at CAMR Porton Down.  A feature of its growth, range and prestige was an accomplished and creative 29 strong group forming several project oriented multidisciplinary research teams coupled to a commercially enterprising and professional leadership.  These teams ultimately produced some 50 patents,  several accredited firsts in biometrology and a commercially broad range of technology, licensed to various industrial interests one of which was technology for the NASA Mars lander.  The successful management, of what became a highly innovative and distinguished endeavour, brought about a wider involvement over a  broad range of commercially creative technology and applied science. 


In late 1987 I took over first as Group Industrial Liaison Manager and then Research Manager (External Affairs) for CAMR entire. The role undertaken was a natural progression to an adept and wide appreciation of scientific, commercial and pan-corporate disciplines. The role was primarily facilitative, encompassing all aspects of developing and fostering the business activities central to original technologies and new research outcomes.


This role was continued at Nottingham Trent University where I became Director of Research Commercialisation.  As  R&T and commercial champion, the brief was to capitalise on institutional competencies, skills and intellectual wealth with regard to market needs.


I now operate a  specialist consultancy, Merryfield  Associates,  supporting innovative technologies and inventions with expertise in all aspects of intellectual property and  promotion of new technologies.


I hold 14 World Patents (of which 7 have been licensed and 4 manufactured). My publication record covers 11 Books along with 68 research papers and innovation articles.) I write and lecture widely on innovation, am a Fellow of the Institute of Measurement and Control, Fellow of the Institute of Patentees and Inventors,   a Chartered Engineer and HMG accredited.


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David Wardell presents Dr. Barrie Blake-Coleman with the IPDC 'Member of the Year Award', 1996

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