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This section of will grow to become the go-to resource for inventors.  This invention site will cover all aspects of the invention process from the 'back of an envelope' idea to commercial realisation. From creation to protection, prototyping to finished product, and all of the other important steps in-between.


If you can't find your answers here then ask a question on our forum.  You'll get a quick response but, more importantly, your questions help shape the development of this resource for the benefit of all.

How to make a success of trade and invention shows

by David Wardell

Ah, Invention shows – I love ‘em!  Over the last twenty years it has been my great good fortune to travel the world and marvel at the breadth and depth (and lack) of human ingenuity.  Where else but an invention exhibition can you get to see such a cornucopia of new ideas – from the ‘high-tech’ to the ‘low-tech’ and, sadly, the ‘no-tech’.  I have participated by wearing many hats which encompass: exhibitor; visitor; judge; reporter; and, on occasion, arranger.  Over the next few pages, I want to share with you my experiences and help you to decide whether to become involved and how to maximise your chances of success.  Much of what follows particularly concerns Invention Shows but the principles apply to any type of trade show or exhibition.  It is aimed at the beginner but seasoned exhibitionists might also learn something!...


Barrie Blake-Coleman

The aim of this article is to provide an introduction to what is often regarded as an enigmatic area of legal, commercial and inventive processes. We hope that after reading this you will have sufficient background to understand the importance of Intellectual Property. We believe this area is important for inventive or novel product businesses as are the issues which are central to it and arise from it... 


Patently Unclear -

The Capitalisation of Intellectual Property and Know-How

Barrie Blake-Coleman



“Anything that won’t sell I don’t want to invent - a sale

      is proof of utility and utility is success”.

       Thomas Alva Edison 1847-1931. 


Invention has as its basis original thought - one definition some might say of genius. However, as T.A.Edison is reported to have said, "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".  What is often forgotten then, is that a single patent can often embody in un-emotive terms the toil and accumulated genius of many man-years.  A patent specification may eventually become the only accessible record and vestige of a project, distilling and encapsulating the results of a formidable endeavour. In this respect, the patent specification comes to represent the sum total of a huge commitment in time, facilities, money and intellectual effort...

So you want to be an inventor?


Barrie Blake-Coleman takes a humorous look at how one particular inventor fails to succeed.


This really is a 'shaggy dog' story!...

"If I can't answer your question then I usually know someone who can!"

David Wardell

What's in a name?

by David Wardell

Basics first!


Pat-tent or pay-tent, believe it or not, is probably the most frequent question I’ve been asked when being interviewed.  Either is acceptable but, if you want to impress, pat-tent is the preferred option.  Patent Attorneys will say pat-tent. Employees of the Patent Office (now more inclusively known as the Intellectual Property Office) will resolutely refer to pat-tents.  Interestingly, the IPO is the trading name of the Patent Office – which makes me smile – but I digress.


So, there you have it.  Save pay-tent for your shiny, glossy, black leather shoes.  In the end, it’s all patent nonsense!

The Intellectual Property Office - Still the Patent Office underneath.

Patent Protection in China: Know Before You Go





It is a given that patent protection has to be requested before a respective product is introduced to the national market. However, it is less often considered how a product may appeal in other world markets, and that these may not extend automatic protection for an invention registered back home. In particular, a European registered patent has no legal effect in China...

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