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Genius Inventor Receives Posthumous Honour

Alan Dower Blumlein was one of the great inventors you may well have never heard of. His inventive genius was compared to that of both Edison and Faraday and in his tragically short career he amassed 128 patents. These included the first stereophonic recordings, microphones, television and radar.

His expertise as an electronics engineer was un-paralleled and, to honour his many achievements, a commemorative 'Milestone Plaque' is to be unveiled in his honour. On April 1st, at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London, a special ceremony will mark the event.

Blumlein was killed, in 1942, in a plane crash. He was testing new H2S radar equipment onboard a Halifax bomber plane. Aged only 39, his death was a terrible loss - who knows what grand new inventions were still to come.

If you would like to know more about Blumlein's amazing achievements read Barrie Blake-Coleman's in-depth article: A Touch of Magic - Alan Dower Blumlein

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