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Abigail Fleck

FLECK, Abigail, American, b-1985. At the age of 8 she invented the Makin’ Bacon system, a plastic tray for use in a microwave oven. The dish that she developed was a skillet with T-shaped supports rising from the centre. Bacon cooks while hanging on these supports, so the fat drips down into the plastic dish. The final device produced by Abigail and her father catered for 18 rashers simultaneously and the fat pool pours separately out of the dish. Within a year they had formed a company and were selling product, they have 2 patents. At the age of 16 Abigail has inventive and entrepreneurial skills and products on sale globally. Father had made a facetious remark about letting the bacon ‘drip-dry’, Abigail thought why not? So now bacon drips dry while in the microwave.

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"Makin' Bacon System"

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