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Anne Chiang

CHIANG, Anne, Taiwanese/USA electrochemist, b-1942. Following graduation from Taiwan National University in 1964, she transferred to USC in America and gained a doctorate in physical chemistry (1968). While working for Memorex Corp., she invented a microfilm for computer data recording. It was organic and based on photoconductors. Dispersion of magnetic particles in magnetic tapes was much improved by her techniques. From 1971, Anne has worked with Xerox companies and invented many novel electronic display devices for electrophoresis (as used in DNA/RNA analysis). Anne is now an expert on thin film transistor technology, and she has introduced many new materials and components. Some important applications that resulted from her work are thin radiographic screens (medical imaging) which eliminate the need for taking an x-ray, and the lightweight space-saving thin screen monitors common with business computers.

Thin Film Transistors

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