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Dorothy Nightingale

NIGHTINGALE, Dorothy, American chemist, b-1902. She performed a great amount of research on some very hazardous chemicals from 1928-72. Much of this time was at U. of Missouri, a professor in 1958 (30 years before she got proper recognition). From 1972 Dorothy was an Emerita Professor there. A massive number of publications. Developed processes for production of various high-octane gasoline, cumenes, ethylbenzene, synthetic rubbers/plastics, and improved detergents, all involving dangerous chemical reactions. During 1942-5, Dorothy served on the Office of Scientific Research and Development, and was also a member of  the Committee on Medical Research for Antimalarials. From 1948 she  was the Director of Graduate Studies at U. of Missouri. Awarded the Garvan Medal in 1959.


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