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Sally Fox

FOX, Sally, American cotton grower and textile researcher. Although having a degree in biology, and particular interests in entomology, she had always been interested in textiles. Her interest in cotton had been related to pest management, with ideas of growing some cottons with greater resistance to insects. But in 1982 she discovered some brown cottonseeds and took them home to see if they would grow, eventually she crossbred them and produced green and brown cotton (natural). A special problem was how to grow the new cottons in a larger fibre, which is more useful in textiles. In 1997 Sally announced a new technology for growing cottons in an expanding range of colours. These naturally coloured cottons she called FoxFibre. There are now patents for 8 shades of colour in cotton without using dyes, her company is called Natural Cotton Colours Inc.

Natural Cotton Colours

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