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Elizabeth Hazen

HAZEN, Elizabeth, American mycologist, 1885-1975. Co-developer of the drug Nystatin, an antifungal antibiotic that can be given with antibacterials, and is non-toxic. With her partner BROWN, she is one of only four women admitted to the Inventors Hall of Fame (1994). Remarkably this antibiotic not only aids patients with skin and throat infections, but it can be combined with many other drugs to improve speed of recovery. Intriguingly other uses of the antibiotic have been discovered such as treating Dutch elm disease and rescuing artworks damaged by moulds. Both research workers worked for New York State Health Dept, but in different locations. They mailed samples and test materials and results back and forth. All the patent royalties were donated to medical research. The original joint patent was filed in 1957, and they had called the drug Fungicin, it was renamed later. From 1931 Elizabeth was the Director of the Bacterial Diagnosis Labs in NY State. During 1945-48 she did valuable work on treatment of ringworm.

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