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Rachel Brown

BROWN, Rachel, née Fuller, American biochemist, 1898-1980. She worked for the NY State Dept of Health from 1926-68. The drug Nystatin was produced by herself and HAZEN. This is an antifungal antibiotic that may be used simultaneously with antibacterial agents. In 1994 the two of them were the first women admitted to the Inventors Hall of Fame. They both worked for the same department but in different cities in NY State. All their collaboration was done by post over some years. A patent was filed, and the royalties were massive, but all were given for medical research. Later other applications of the drug were found, such as treating Dutch elm disease or in rust prevention. In 1957, the first woman to receive the Pioneer Chemist Award from the American Institute of Chemists.


Inventor 'Nystatin'

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