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Whether you're an Inventor, Entrepreneur, Intellectual Property Professional, Historian, Geek, Technophile, Free Thinker or Just Plain Curious!  With the equivalent of well over 400 magazine pages (and growing every day!) there's something for you here...

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The exciting invention site for inventors and innovators -

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"I'm proud to be able to share over twenty years worth of hard won experience in helping to promote and educate inventors."


David Wardell

Publisher & Editor

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'Our Pal's' News and Views from the USA

Autumn/Fall Issue Out Now!


Marie Killick

Hedy Lamarr

Tilly Shilling

                      Barrie Blake-Coleman's

Biographical Articles





Charles Goodyear

With Adam Hart-Davis

Thomas Romney Robinson

Major Willoughby Verner

John Stringfellow




The 'Wit and Wisdom' of Thomas Edison

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British Rail's Flying Saucer!

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